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What is A Patron?

Value for the Arts has been reduced to likes on a page which at best translates into a fraction of what an artist needs to survive. We seek to re-establish value for those who devote their lives to bringing hope and beauty into the world. 


Patrons traditionally believed in the arts and the enrichment of society through engaging the community to beauty. They would commission artists to beautify their communal spaces and showcase art that reflected the value and importance of the cultural moment.


At Windsong Foundation, we desire to connect those who believe beauty enhances life to those who create beauty. We believe in the physical restoration of the artist and the art.

Will you Consider becoming a patron of the arts at the Windsong foundation as we pour into the wellness of artists and the beauty they bring?


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"Our society is shaped by artists, and that culture will only be healthy when our artists are healthy. Windsong and the Redfield's specifically, have been a safe and healing place for me. Any investment in them is an investment in healing our world through generative works of art by creative influencers".

Film Composer - Universal, HBO, Disney

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