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Your involvement with our work here at Windsong Foundation is crucial for the well being of artists! There are so many ways for you to contribute as we create opportunities for artists that don't currently exist. By lending your support, you become a vital part of our efforts and help strengthen our operations. If you know anyone that would align with our mission please don't hesitate to spread the word...

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Choose your Monthly Patron Level

  • Patron

    Every month
    Monthly Patron of the Arts
  • Patron I

    Every month
    This level is a monthly Missional payment to the Redfields.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Patron II

    Every month
    Become a Patron of the Redfield Family.
  • Patron III

    Every month
    Significant Donor - Patron of the Arts
  • Patron IV

    Every month
    Significant Patron - Founding Donor
  • Founding Patron

    Every month
    Significant Patron - Founding Donor
One Time Donation

Help us make a difference.


Thank you for your donation!

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